Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dark spots around the world (club's list)

This is the best resource of Gothic clubs I have found.

International Goth Club List

I travel often, so for all of you that happens the same .... have fun in a non-traditional manner, consider taking your time to visit some of this places.

Cool people, mind blowing mood and blood!

I personally will add some other clubs I have visited (not in the list)

Cat Club SF, CA A fancy place with New Wave, Gothic Rock, Synth-Pop and tributes. I read they have bondage and A-gogo events s well but I hadn't luck. Cheap drinks ($5USD), very gentle people and you can run into the store owners (those guys selling rarities at town), closed until 5a.m.

La Kalaka Guadalajara, MX Be sure  to check their activity, not every night you can find dark/gothic music. Small place, cheap drinks, national beers, closed until 3a.m.

If you wanna have some references  to the places I have visited in the list ....

The Real Under Mexico City, MX Probably the cheapest place in town to drink a caguama. If you happen to visit it on August or July there is a massive event called VivaGlam, which gathers hundreds of people from every where in Mexico. Music from 80's, Death rock, Goth, Punk, Post-punk, New Wave, live shows, many more...; if you visit it once in a while it is really fun but tends to be repetitive on tracks. also every last weekend of the month the run an event dedicated to goth; In Goth We trust or This is Gothik Rock.

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