Saturday, August 29, 2009

Living in playa

After 1 year living far from my city, I realised how many things are missing over here, Playa del Carmen.
All over the place you can find racism against mexicans, expensive places to rent and live, gringo food and few variety on real mexican cuisine, and the worst of all no culture.... what can be said about underground culture, well none cares.
What is surprising for me and my wife is to see so many turists trying to get a home over here, a place where water pollution, garbage treatment and crimen is comparable to the place a came, Mexico City, and still they love it. Economy is in constant movement which is great, many poor people come from Chiapas, Tabasco and Oaxaca trying to find oportunities, what they find is some bad work, but still, better from what they had. Hopefully with the time we'll be stronger than the trans-national companies exploting medium class, including me. Until now we will keep our fight trying to find nice people to share culture, cultural differences, tolerance and enjoy nature as really is.

So sad the place where we live is devastated due to a new building, no more nature front of our window.

Traveling over the high way you can also find funny, controversial, no-sense ads.

The only zoo we have found is not that bad. It is suppose to posses rescued animals exclusevely, I wonder if that is true. At least they feed the animals and have more less space for living. Sad that every visitor has to follow the same road, animals get tired of that. Exotic small parrots, crocodriles, deers, snakes and turtles is what generally you can see.

I hope places like Akumal can stay on its entire preservation, and support the economy-turism administrative fussion the mexican president wants to implement. Since they really want to disappear all nature wild places over here, I really doubt, Akumal is of the beauties where turtles use to spwan and no nature, no astonishing landscape, can stop capitalism-false nationalism.

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