Saturday, August 29, 2009

Self-taught or formal school for video games, that's the dilemma

Recently, I read some posts about where, when and why to choose a video game carrer.
I ended with a headaque and confused, but all that thoughts weren't for anything. Choosing where to study can become a pain in the ass, specialy if you belong to the third world, economy factors being at the top priority problems. Anyway is not an easy task for anyone, I hope here you can open your feelings, thougths and senses as it hapenned to me while reading this article I will describe my carrer experience, hope this will give you more infomation to take a good desicion.

I get into the maths and bachelor almost by accident. My passion was and is music, nevertheless I was hopping for a better future having a formal education. While studying last year in high school, I realised the easy it was for me all the math and physics topics even having the lethal combination bad teacher/bad school. After a breif analysis on the educational options, I decided to go for Electronic Engineer, it has a few of every scientific topic and lot of practical stuff. I even didn't have a computer nor the idea how to use it, still that was my desicion.
Selected the topic, finding a college wasn't a difficult task. Living in Mexico city only 3 public universities as real options. I only considered UNAM as my first option... never admitted. Then UAM presented as prommised land, didn't look as good as the first one but .... I was admitted.

So after a change of career, financial problems increasing, reunion with video games passion at the age of 22, unemployed, I finished my second career and having on my mind the only objective, become a video game developer, I had nothing except than a P3 with 800Mhz a 14" monitor and almost no video card (8Mb integrated of pure power .. the best).
I self-tought almost all technical aspects regarding video games on my little spare time as most of we, video games professionals, do.
My first graphic engine to work on, Irrlicht, was the main tool for my tesis, so I continue using it in my first video game project, which was a bless considering the current hardware. To stick all together I used CodeBlocks.
After 2 or almost 3 years I found a job in the video game industry. It wasn't for a beautiful project like Castlevania nor Silent Hill nor an experimental game play. It was for an MMO, SecondLife like.

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