Saturday, September 5, 2009


After rejecting all fast food we can find over playa, we finally learned some recipies for what we call a fussion between Hindu-Libanesee-Mexican food, vegetarian way we prefer. Although there are some places like Tabbule and Maktub, where I recommend you to go when comming here, they are not perfect. They have the tipical first time effect, as most of the restaurants have here. You taste it once and is perfect, after that is not so good anymore. This is Maktub, very near from the beach. Very nice curry and cucumber water by the way.

We will have an interesting food festival called "The taste of playa". The site explains it will shelter multicultural expressions, and as far as you can read the prices go from 1 to 2 taste of playa pesos (10 mexican pesos... I know sucks) for any dishes or beverages. Hope for "quintanaroenses" prices will be lowered and for the next year they stay with raw pesos.
Strange that we have such a festival when the season is low and hurricanes time, fortunately we haven't had "Jimena" problems as our brothers in Baja California, but never excluded This was picture my wife took of an electric storm a few nights ago... creepy but the heat is less at least.

Later I will post the pictures of the food event.

The event was so so, I was expencting to have more invited cheffs from all around mexican republic, instead only local and most famous restaruants were there. Almost 100 pesos (10 taste of playa pesos) per person spent, and some really bad food. The top 3 dishes we ate were by Babe's, delicious chicken thai roll, very nice crepes by D'light, and Kalaka, octopus cocktail. The two of the best restaurants I consider, La Cueva del chango had a very nice thai chicken but nothing I really wanted to taste and Yaxche very dissapointing to have exclusively cochinita, they would've done much much better but they didn't prefer to show their best. Very friendly people and as usual few mexicans.

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